FAQThese are some of the questions we get asked. If your question is not on here please take a moment and fill out the "Information Request" form and put your question in the comment section. You can also call 888-288-6391 and one of our customer service staff would be glad to assist you...

Can I install the spoiler myself?

Yes. We include a deluxe installation kit and step by step instruction sheets.

How do I use the locator tabs included in the hardware kit that came with my spoiler?

The Locator Tabs are the white paper strips that are 8 inches long (they might be attached to each other).

  1. Flip the spoiler over so that the feet (posts) of the spoiler are in the air.

  2. Take the locator tabs and remove the adhesive backing from the center and punch out the hole in the middle.

  3. Match up the holes from the locator tabs with the screw holes on the spoiler and stick the locator tabs around the screw holes of the spoiler horizontally.

  4. Flip the spoiler over and position it on the trunk where you would like it.

  5. Tape the locator tabs onto the trunk.

  6. Remove the spoiler from the trunk.

  7. The locator tabs will be taped onto the trunk showing you where to drill the holes.

How long does it take to install a spoiler?

It depends on which spoiler you are installing. A non-lighted spoiler can take as little as 15 minutes, whereas a lighted spoiler can take up to one hour.

What tools will I need?

The only power tool that you will need is a drill. You should also have something similar to a drop cloth to lay in the trunk. You will need a measuring tape, a punch or its equivalent (screwdriver) and masking tape. We have custom hardware in our installation kits.

What is the difference between a OE Style and a Custom Spoiler?

An OE Style or factory look-a-like spoiler is one that looks just like the spoiler that you could buy directly from the dealership. A custom spoiler is one that is made to fit the car, but does not resemble the factory. If you are looking for something with more style or flare to it, a custom spoiler is the way to go. Typically you would pay more for a custom spoiler, but at California Dream by AAC you will not pay anything extra.

Are spoilers available pre-painted to match my vehicle?

Yes, they can be shipped either painted or unpainted. The majority of customers choose the painted spoilers because, more often than not, our paint finish exceeds that of the factory.

What information do I need if I want to place an order?

We need the following personal information: name, address, phone number and payment method (credit card or money order). We also need the following information about your vehicle: year, make, model, and paint color code.

Do I have to have a light in my spoiler?

It depends on where the existing third brake light is located. If the existing light is in the lower portion of the rear window, a spoiler would obscure that light, so a lighted spoiler would be required by law. All of our lights are S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved.

What material is the spoiler made of?

The spoilers are constructed of a blow molded automotive grade plastic (ABS). As a result of this, most spoilers weigh around 5 lbs., so trunk reinforcements are not necessary. The spoilers are also guaranteed for life against splitting, cracking or warping.

What types of payment are available?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can also accept a cashiers check or money order if you would like the spoiler shipped COD.

What types of shipping methods are available?

We ship with UPS, Federal Express, DHL and the U.S. Post Office. We can also ship overnight but additional charges will apply and we are not responsible for the exact times of the overnight delivery.

What if I receive the spoiler and decide that I don't like it?

We have pictures available for most vehicles both on our web page, or you can call our toll free number 888-288-6391 and have one mailed. Our spoilers are backed by a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. If, however, you do decide to return a spoiler, we charge a 25% restocking on unpainted orders and a $50 paint fee on painted orders and do not credit shipping charges.